Giving Back

Organizations & Planting Trees

Jessica is a fervent advocate for sustainable living and has made it her mission to incorporate eco-friendly and natural products into her daily life. Her passion for the environment is evident in her artistic creations, which serve as a platform to give back to nature. During her college years, Jessica developed a deep connection with environmental sustainability and has since made it a top priority in all aspects of her life.
At home, Jessica has meticulously decorated her space with locally sourced and North American-made materials. She firmly believes in supporting local artisans and businesses, and her home décor reflects this commitment. Moreover, her dedication to the environment extends beyond her personal life and into her art.

Jessica was inspired to contribute to the environment when she purchased from a local artisan who generously donates to girls’ education. This experience instilled a sense of responsibility in her to give back to the planet through her artistic talents. 
For every piece of art sold, she donates a tree to reputable non-profit organizations such as One Tree Planted and Forest Recovery Canada. These charities are devoted to reforestation efforts, including the restoration of forests that have been destroyed by natural disasters, industry, and climate change. By restoring forest canopy cover, these organizations are taking important steps toward mitigating the harmful effects of climate change and promoting a sustainable future for all.
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