Giving Back

Organizations & Planting Trees

Jessica's mission over the years has been to give back to the environment, non-profit organizations, and charities. Her art not only adds a pop of colour to walls but also helps communities and beyond. The inspiration to contribute to charity came from buying from a local artisan who generously donates to girls’ education. This experience instilled a sense of responsibility in Jessica to give back through her artistic talents. 
During a Winter Workshop, Jessica explored her ancestry, roots, and how to give back beyond her lifetime. This was when she started donating more of her artwork to organizations in Hamilton, Ontario, to ensure her art could continue to make a difference even for generations. 
Jessica also donates trees to support non-profit organizations to restore forest canopy cover that has been destroyed by natural disasters, industry, and climate change. 
Some charities that Jessica regularly donates to include One Tree Planted, Dundas Valley School of Art, McMaster Relay for Life, Smiling Over Sickness McMaster, Canadian Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (Haiti Happening), ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services​​​​​​​, and First Recovery Canada.
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