Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Art Prints -Peaceful Meadow Watercolour by Jessica Brown Visual Arts.

Giving Back

As someone who is hooked on sustainable living, I’m so happy to be able to give back to the environment through my artwork. I took a course on environmental sustainability in college and continue to incorporate natural and sustainable products into my life. My home is filled with locally sourced, North American-made materials.

I made a purchase from a local maker who donates on behalf of her business, this inspired me to give back too. Now, my clients and I can contribute to sustainability through the purchase of my artworks.

For every piece sold, I will donate a tree to these important charities. One Tree Planted is a global non-profit dedicated to repopulating forests destroyed by fires, floods, or industry. Forest Recovery Canada seeks to minimize the devastating effects of climate change by planting trees and restoring forest canopy cover.