Nature and French Inspired fine artist by Jessica Brown in Hamilton, Ontario.

About Me

Visual Artist & Designer

Jessica Brown is a whimsical being who creates through her love for nature. Her work is known for its expressionism, inspired by French culture and nature. She uses watercolour or acrylic paints, or digital media in Photoshop. Each medium manifests a unique style and lends its characteristics to the ideas behind the painting. Jess hopes to use her travel experiences to reach new heights with her artwork. Music is a significant part of her painting environment, and she likes to walk or hike to get her creative juices flowing.

Jessica has been painting for as long as she can remember. She feels lucky to have been born into a creative family. Her Great-Grandma and Grandma specialized in visual arts and her mother worked in interior design. She continues the family tradition by nurturing her passion for art and by being creative every day in her professional and artistic life. Since 2016, her paintings have been in markets, auctions, cafés, and online galleries. She works out of her studio in Millworks Creative District, a historic building in the downtown core of Dundas, Ontario.

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