Visual Artist

Visual Artist

About Me

At the age of five, my first lesson involved watercolour paint. Growing up with my grandmother and great-grandmother, they specialized in visual arts. Still maintaining that passion for art, during grade school and leading into post-secondary education. Now I carry that passion with me and use every day in my professional and artisan life.

The mediums I use are watercolour, acrylic or digital media in Photoshop. When creating paintings, I like to make landscapes, portraits, Paris and café scenes either done on art paper or canvas. Each idea manifests in its unique style.

When I’m not in the studio, I enjoy a good cup of coffee in a local café, reading a novel, daydreaming about Paris or watching Outlander. Also, like to hike in my spare time to get my creative juices flowing. Being creative is a daily for me, whether it’s in my outfit, my other business Jessica Design or discussing ideas. I am always inspired to be creative.

Nature and French Inspired fine artist by Jessica Brown in Hamilton, Ontario.